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Your #hot&bothered questions come in all guises. Some are easy to group together - like HRT - and some are more random, like these ones here. We aim to get all of them answered by our experts, so do keep asking away, and check the Hot & Bothered articles for updated answers.

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If menopause has made the workplace a challenge, take time out to consider this ‘Gentlewoman’ guide to making more time for yourself in your working day. Wise words, whatever your age and stage
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It’s a midlife reality that an extra glass of wine at night can lead to eye bags in the morning. The lower oestrogen levels and collagen production of the menopause years cause thinning skin, resulting in puffy eyes, lines and wrinkles. What you need is an eye cream to brighten, tighten and hydrate the area. Here’s our pick of the best.
Growing up doesn’t mean losing the joy of playing with makeup and experimenting with colour. But if your makeup bag needs a refresh as your skin needs change, we’ve got a few ideas.
It’s hard to imagine regaining your healthy glow when insomnia kicks in. Add to that the dryness of a menopausal complexion, and your face needs all the help it can get. Here’s our pick of the best brand new products to help you get your brightness back.

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Many women are embarrassed to seek medical help for vaginal health issues. Former nurse and sexual health advocate Samantha Evans, urges us all to get a bit more vagina-savvy in our menopause years
She’s menopausal, she’s been married for nearly 20 years and she’s having her best sex life yet. We want what Jane Druker is on. She shares her secrets - night sweats be damned.

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Broadcaster Kay Burley, host of Sky News weekdays, is the longest-serving newsreader on British television. After almost 30 years in the job, she considers travelling to Washington to interview Hillary Clinton on International Women’s Day as a stand-out moment. This is, she says, the best time in history to be a midlife woman.
A pioneer of Pilates in the UK, and CEO of Ten Health & Fitness, Joanne is passionate about the power of exercise and wellbeing to help with menopausal symptoms. Stressed and blindsided by perimenopause when she was 44, she’s determined that other women should better informed and prepared than she was.
Novelist Linda Grant has written some of our favourite books, including her latest, A Stranger City. For Linda, menopause was not a huge drama, and she wants other women to know that it might actually be ok.
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