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Menopause is one of the last taboos – and MPowered Women is putting an end to that.

MPowered Women is a community hub of expert information, support and inspiration, giving women the resources and knowledge they need to power through the menopause. It’s a place where women come together to talk frankly and share experiences, because when women unite to help and inform each other, magic happens.

Menopause is a health issue that will affect half of the population, yet many GPs simply don’t know the facts, leaving women vulnerable, unsupported and, in many cases, £100s out of pocket to a private clinic. This has to change.

MPowered ensures that no woman has to struggle to be informed about what the hell is going on with her physical and mental health, and what she can do about it. With no subject off limits, MPowered has her back.


Saska Graville is 52 and happily on HRT. Being clueless about her own perimenopause symptoms when they hit at 49, made her determined to do something about how unprepared most women are for this period of their lives. MPowered Women was born.

Despite a career in women’s magazines, including being the deputy editor of Red, Saska had no idea that anxiety and loss of confidence were classic perimenopause symptoms: Hot flushes were the extent of her knowledge, and she’s never had one. With MPowered Women, she hopes that other women will be informed and inspired to enjoy their menopause years. And yes, she’s staying on HRT forever.


Alison Bakunowich is 45 and is prepared for perimenopause symptoms to rear their head – thanks to working on MPowered Women she knows what to expect. Having lived through Saska’s experiences of being clueless and taken by surprise, Alison is informed and ready for what’s to come, and determined that other women should be the same.

Alison is a senior Vice President at Viacom, managing the kids business in the U.K. for Nickelodeon and Channel 5. She has 20 years marketing and commercial experience largely within the media industry. An enormous career highlight was being a member of the executive committee that created and launched Earth Hour. An intrepid Australian who has travelled the world but called London home for the past eight years.

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