Author: Saska Graville
Don’t let the lockdown stop you from feeling fit and well. There are some brilliant at-home workouts to keep us all strong in body and spirit. Let’s all stay moving and we’ll get through this
Cally is a comedian, writer, speaker and business mentor. She has held senior positions at some of the biggest media companies in the world including MTV, and taken her stand up show from the Edinburgh Fringe to the BBC. For her, menopause has been overwhelming, but also the catalyst for some of her best life decisions. Follow her @callybeatoncomedian
Midlife can be a battle at times. A beauty product won’t fix that, but a bit of pampering can pause the stresses and provide some calm. And we all deserve that. A luxury body cream is the perfect place to start.
Cyan writes for magazines including Red, Good Housekeeping and Cosmopolitan. As someone who is interested in women’s issues, she’s curious about her mother Ro’s menopause experience. They discuss how things have changed - for the better - for Cyan’s generation.
Dr Stephanie Goodwin is one of MPowered Women’s medical experts, and is a GP and British Menopause Society specialist. She has a private practice in London and works at Guys Hospital specialist menopause clinic. For her, midlife is fun and empowering - especially when she's singing jazz.
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