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Midlife can be a battle at times. A beauty product won’t fix that, but a bit of pampering can pause the stresses and provide some calm. And we all deserve that. A luxury body cream is the perfect place to start.
Not only is a bath a good excuse for some much needed time to yourself, it’s also proven to help you sleep - something we all need help with in these midlife years. Here’s our edit of the best products for your most relaxing bath yet.
It’s a midlife reality that an extra glass of wine at night can lead to eye bags in the morning. The lower oestrogen levels and collagen production of the menopause years cause thinning skin, resulting in puffy eyes, lines and wrinkles. What you need is an eye cream to brighten, tighten and hydrate the area. Here’s our pick of the best.
Growing up doesn’t mean losing the joy of playing with makeup and experimenting with colour. But if your makeup bag needs a refresh as your skin needs change, we’ve got a few ideas.
It’s hard to imagine regaining your healthy glow when insomnia kicks in. Add to that the dryness of a menopausal complexion, and your face needs all the help it can get. Here’s our pick of the best brand new products to help you get your brightness back.
We’re all talking about menopause more, so it’s no surprise that beauty companies are listening. These six products are specially formulated for dry, menopausal skin. Anything that promises to add a bit of moisture and glow, we’ll try it.
Who knew that perimenopause and menopause could affect your nails? If you’ve noticed brittle nails and drier skin, three guesses what could be to blame. Here’s the kit you need to deal with it.
As menopause hits your skin and hair - dry and drier - you need your holiday beauty kit to work extra hard. Pack skincare and multi-taskers to look and feel your best on your travels. Here is our carry-on Top 10.
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