8 of the Best Cannabis Beauty Buys

It’s the most talked about ingredient in skincare, so what can CBD, the legally-derived chemical from cannabis, do for your midlife beauty needs? Plenty.

From hot flushes to rosacea and dry patches to breakouts, sometimes we wish our skin would chill out. Enter CBD and the world of cannabis beauty buys.

Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a (non-psychoactive) chemical found in cannabis. Until recently it was considered niche in the beauty world, but with its anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory benefits, it’s been hailed a miracle ingredient. Along with its cousin, hemp oil, it’s gained serious traction over the last year with sales up by 99% in 2019. These are the products we’d most recommend for menopausal skin.

Disciple Skincare Miracle Drops, £37


Containing 5% pure CBD, these drops can be both ingested and applied topically. Mix with your nighttime serum to see skin-soothing benefits, or if you’re struggling to sleep, two drops under your tongue can ease anxiety and help you to drift off.

Herbivore Emerald Cannabis Sativa Deep Moisture Glow Oil, £42


A powerful cocktail of omega-rich cannabis sativa seed oil with anti-inflammatory ingredients turmeric and shiitake mushrooms, this will soothe your skin while tackling redness and wrinkles. It might smell a bit ‘herbal’, but it’s worth it for the radiance boost.

Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator, £35


A true multitasker, apply this mist anytime of the day, under or over makeup. When you’re going through a dry, sensitive skin phase, it will drink up these natural ingredients (including hemp oil) for a cooling hit of hydration.

Murad Revitalixir Recovery Serum, £70


Dr Murad doesn’t miss a trick when it comes to the latest in skincare technology. His new cannabis-infused serum is designed to treat the visible signs of stress. It smooths uneven texture as well as reducing redness and signs of puffy eyes – ideal when you’re suffering from sleepless nights.

Earth Tu Face Face Wash, £43


From the cannabis capital of the world, California, this hemp-infused face wash has all-natural ingredients to remove every trace of makeup and dirt without stripping your skin. Perfect for dry, irritated complexions.

Margaret Dabbs Intensive Anti-Ageing Hand Serum, £30


They say your hands are the first place to show your age, so don’t neglect them. Infused with cannabis oil, this serum reduces lost elasticity and age spots that can begin to appear during menopause. It has a fast-absorbing, non-greasy finish.

Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil, £38


Looking for an indulgent addition to your skincare routine? This is an intense overnight treatment naturally fragranced with sleep-inducing lavender, neroli and rose. It contains Kigelia to firm and tone as well as nourishing hemp oil.

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