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Dry, tired skin - thank you menopause - is the last thing you need when you’re dealing with all the other symptoms. Yet as you enter your menopause years, chances are your skin has changed but your foundation probably hasn’t.
Fine. Good when it comes to weather, not so good when it comes to your hair. So the news that during the menopause we’re likely to suffer with hair thinning (as androgen levels drop) is hardly thrilling. But if you are seeing hair that’s lost body then there is good news.
We'd love to say we've found a good night's sleep in a jar, but no such luck. However, if night sweats and insomnia are leaving you feeling - and looking - knackered, we can suggest some overnight creams that can at least do a bit of restorative work while you're lying there counting sheep.
A drop in oestrogen and rise in testosterone can sometimes trigger acne during the menopause. Often affecting women who suffered in puberty, spots and wrinkles can feel like a skincare cross no one should have to bear. How to fix it?
Your skin is drier, thinner and slacker - we hear you. We lose 30% of our collagen in the first five years of menopause and it’s not joyous. The good news is that beauty brands are doing something about it, with a slew of new products for older skin.
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