Seven Best Menopause Websites

best menopause websites
Knowledge is power in the menopause years, so we asked one of the MPowered Women medical experts to tell us the best go-to places to get the facts (not the fictions)

Too many GPs are simply not good enough when it comes to peri and menopause advice. It’s up to all of us to educate ourselves. Do that, and you’ll go into a GP appointment armed with knowledge. You only have about nine and a half minutes after all! So we’re here with the best menopause websites to read before your appointment.

The more reading and information you can gather before you see a GP, the better your chances are of getting the support you need.

Dr Stephanie Goodwin is one of MPowered Women’s medical experts, and she has put together a brilliant list of the best go-to resources for authoritative information and advice. Top of her recommendations is MPowered Women – thank you, Stephanie, the cheque’s in the post.

Dr Goodwin’s list includes other brilliant sites that will give you what you need to power through these midlife years. Her own site is a fantastic resource, as is Dr Louise Newson’s (another of the MPowered Women medical community).

Here’s where to go and what Dr Goodwin has to say about each of them.


On Dr Goodwin’s list for being, “A site with medical, wellbeing and beauty advice from leading experts.”


Dr Goodwin’s own site is essential reading. “My regular blog on menopause and other medical problems,” she says.


“Dr Louise Newson is a menopause specialist in the Midlands,” says Dr Goodwin. “This is an excellent resource.”


“The British Menopause Society, which has excellent new information videos and lists of menopause specialists,” says Dr Goodwin.


“This is the patient arm of the British Menopause Society,” says Dr Goodwin.


“This is for women with early menopause,” explains Dr Goodwin. “There is a twice monthly online chat available with specialists to members.”



“A good source of information and a newsletter,” recommends Dr Goodwin.

You’ll find lots more information from Dr Goodwin and Dr Newson, on everything from HRT to anxiety and hot flushes, in the Medical section of the site.

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