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Your #hot&bothered questions come in all guises. Some are easy to group together - like HRT - and some are more random, like these ones here. We aim to get all of them answered by our experts, so do keep asking away, and check the Hot & Bothered articles for updated answers.
Your #hot&bothered questions cover everything from skincare to HRT - and our experts are here to help. Post your question via Instagram, @mpowered_women, and don’t forget to add the hashtag #hot&bothered.
Our experts are here to answer your #hot&bothered questions. From libido to HRT and everything in between, we’ll post the answers as they come in. So ask away on Instagram at @mpowered_women, and don't forget to add the #hot&bothered hashtag.
Ask your #hot&bothered questions for our experts on Instagram at @mpowered_women, and we’ll post the answers here. The more questions we all ask, the better, and we’ll update the #hot&bothered articles as new answers come in.
It's a part of the body that is often ignored - until it makes its presence very much felt. You can certainly feel the effects if you don’t look after it properly. Time to pay your pelvic floor the attention it deserves.
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