Menopause & Me: Louise Minchin

Looking for proof that you can power through your menopause years? Meet BBC One’s Breakfast presenter and international triathlete Louise Minchin. This is a woman who is not letting hot flushes or anxiety slow her down. Hell, no. We want what she’s having.

When did your menopausal symptoms start?

When I was about 47, and I’m 50 now.

What are your symptoms?

They are worse than I expected. My physical symptoms have been mostly night sweats, which make me feel like I have run a marathon in a tropical rainforest. Also, hot flushes, heart palpitations and overwhelming tiredness. I feel uncomfortable in my own skin, and anxious about things that wouldn’t normally worry me.

What has been the most challenging thing to deal with?

The wakeful nights and lack of sleep.

Have there been any positive symptoms?

A very active mind, bursting with new ideas.

What are the things that are getting you through?

HRT and acupuncture – and it’s HRT that’s made the biggest difference.

Did you seek any advice from experts, family or friends?

I’ve read books and articles on the internet, but I feel there is not information readily available – especially as how you’re affected seems to depend on the individual.

What has been the best advice you’ve received?

That it will be over!

Is there anything you wish you’d known?

Yes, I wish I’d known earlier what was making me feel so rotten and that I could do something about it.

What has been the impact on your daily life?

It has definitely impacted my daily life. I already have very little sleep because of the time I have to go to work, with the alarm going off at 3.40am. Now, that sleep is disrupted, making me anxious and sometimes irritable about things which, pre menopause, wouldn’t have phased me.

Is there anything you’d do differently?

I think I would get help earlier. And also, when I had to come off a particular version of HRT, I would have been more persistent in trying to find another kind that would work for me.

What do you say to other women about menopause?

You are not alone in this. Start talking to your friends and see how it is affecting them. Go and see your GP and find out if there is a specialist in your surgery who you can talk to. There is help out there but you are going to have to seek it out and be determined to find out what works for you. And I am assured that one day it will be over and I’ll be stronger for it.

What are your thoughts on this time of a woman’s life?

It’s challenging but we can all get through it.

Your menopause is…

…a challenge I can’t face alone.

You feel MPowered when…

…I cross the finish line of a triathlon.

BBC Breakfast is running ‘Wake up to the Menopause’ from May 13 -17. Join the conversation on #BBCMenopause.

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