Menopause & Me
Cally is a comedian, writer, speaker and business mentor. She has held senior positions at some of the biggest media companies in the world including MTV, and taken her stand up show from the Edinburgh Fringe to the BBC. For her, menopause has been overwhelming, but also the catalyst for some of her best life decisions. Follow her @callybeatoncomedian
Cyan writes for magazines including Red, Good Housekeeping and Cosmopolitan. As someone who is interested in women’s issues, she’s curious about her mother Ro’s menopause experience. They discuss how things have changed - for the better - for Cyan’s generation.
Despite a career in women’s magazines, the co-founder of MPowered Women was clueless about the perimenopause, and blindsided when symptoms hit. Thanks to HRT, Saska has her anxiety and daily feelings of doom under control, and is determined to break the taboos around menopause and help other women power through it.
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