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Your #hot&bothered questions come in all guises. Some are easy to group together - like HRT - and some are more random, like these ones here. We aim to get all of them answered by our experts, so do keep asking away, and check the Hot & Bothered articles for updated answers.
Your #hot&bothered questions cover everything from skincare to HRT - and our experts are here to help. Post your question via Instagram, @mpowered_women, and don’t forget to add the hashtag #hot&bothered.
Our experts are here to answer your #hot&bothered questions. From libido to HRT and everything in between, we’ll post the answers as they come in. So ask away on Instagram at @mpowered_women, and don't forget to add the #hot&bothered hashtag.
Ask your #hot&bothered questions for our experts on Instagram at @mpowered_women, and we’ll post the answers here. The more questions we all ask, the better, and we’ll update the #hot&bothered articles as new answers come in.
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