Video: Sex And The Menopause

sex and menopause
Sex and menopause are closely linked. How is your libido affected and what are the physical changes you might experience? In this video, Dr Stephanie Goodwin explains all

For many women, the menopause years affect their libido and their sex life. Sex and menopause are two topics that are closely linked. From what can be done to boost your libido, to the very useful role of sex toys, Dr Steph’s frank and honest chat is enlightening.

Here’s what Dr Steph has to say, in full.

How does menopause affect your sex life?

Menopause can have a significant effect on people’s sex lives. First of all there are the physical changes that take place. Vaginal dryness or soreness might make sex impossible. Urinary symptoms and recurrent infections might make you not want to have sex. Hot flushes and sweats at night; if you’re lying in a pool of sweat you might not necessarily want to get sweatier.

Your libido can change, so the actual desire can change, so that’s often due to testosterone deficiency.


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Sex and menopause: What can be done to boost libido?

To boost libido there are various things actually. Number one is to make sure that physically you feel ok. Obviously if you’ve got severe vaginal dryness or soreness, it doesn’t matter how much libido you have, if it’s very painful it’s not something you’re going to necessarily want to do.

The other thing is that testosterone deficiency affects a lot of women after the menopause. Testosterone Replacement Therapy can be very helpful for women who have got lack of libido as part of their menopausal symptoms.

I think when we talk about libido, it should be for everybody, it’s not just for people who have a partner. So if you don’t have a partner, don’t just park your libido, celebrate it. Go and buy yourself a vibrator ladies, everybody should have one.

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What are the health benefits of sex?

There are health benefits to having sex. It’s good for your heart, it lowers your blood pressure, it helps you sleep, it boosts your immunity, it can help with vaginal dryness. So by increasing the blood flow to that part of your body, it can improve not only your vagina but also your bladder, so there can be improvements in pelvic floor health.

Of course it’s good for relationships as well, to maintain that closeness between couples, if that’s what they want to do.

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