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If HRT isn’t for you, then there are plenty of non medical things to try, including the latest buzz product cannabis oil. They can’t claim HRT’s evidence-based results, but they might work for you and your symptoms*
Chances are your GP has had minimal menopause education - for a condition that will affect over 50% of patients. It’s a scandal. Which is why Diane Danzebrink, a therapist and menopause expert, has started the brilliant #MakeMenopauseMatter campaign.
If your menopause head is an anxious place, then yoga teacher Nadia Narain has four poses to calm the mind and ease you into a better night’s sleep. No wonder Kate Moss loves her.
All of a sudden, one glass of wine can feel like a whole bottle. No, you’re not a cheap date, but your body’s tolerance can change when menopause hits. Nutritionist and author Alli Godbold explains what’s going on and how you can still enjoy wine o’clock.
Eat foods that focus on bloody sugar control, and you’ll help your body cope with the likes of low energy and brain fog, says nutritionist Alli Godbold. Which means that her breakfast recipes will work their magic all day long.
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