A Galentine’s Night in With Rosie Green

Rosie Green
Join Rosie Green for a special IG Live on February 14, discussing midlife friendships, personal power and putting your world back together again when your heart has been broken.

Rosie Green has always been one of our favourite midlife women. As anyone who has read her Life’s Rosie blog and columns knows, she is honest, observant, witty and empathetic about the highs and lows of midlife. She also has a fantastic Midlife Survival Kit. Yes, Rosie Green is definitely our kind of woman.

Which is why we are thrilled that Rosie Green will be joining us for an In Conversation event – via an IG Live on @mpowered_women – to discuss her brilliant new book How To Heal A Broken Heart (£14.99, Orion Spring, published on February 11 2021). Even better, our chat will be on Valentine’s Day, which we are celebrating as “Galentine’s Day”, a time for women to come together, share stories and support each other through the challenges of midlife.

“Valentines is a day that can make women feel shit,” is a characteristically spot-on Rosie Green description of February 14. Not on our watch! You’ll find the event details at the bottom of this page. Please join us, it’s going to be fun.

In How To Heal A Broken Heart, Rosie chronicles what happened when her husband walked out on her and their two children after 26 years together. To say she was devastated is the understatement of the century. She thought she’d never get over it. She was unable to eat or sleep. As she puts it in classic Rosie Green fashion, “it wasn’t a conscious uncoupling, I had my heart ripped out and stamped on”.

The book is a rollercoaster read. With painful honesty, Rosie shares the trauma she experienced and the different ways – both positive and negative – in which she reacted to it. She describes how she broke, and then how she put herself and her world back together again. “Heartbreak brings you to your knees, but it’s not fatal,” she says, “and that’s liberating.”

Rosie’s approach to healing contains learnings for all of us, broken hearted or not. By speaking to a variety of experts, she uncovers lessons in self esteem and personal power that resonate far beyond a relationship breakup.

These are three of our favourite of Rosie’s life learnings from the book – and topics that we’ll be discussing during our Galentine’s Night In on February 14.

Midlife friendships are the greatest

“The truth is that a romantic partner often won’t provide the validation we are looking for anyway,” says Rosie. “Trust, lasting validation comes from us. And, I think, from our girlfriends. Your girlfriends make you feel special. And even if they can’t quite fill the gap you feel at being single, maybe the solution to filling the emptiness is resilience and independence rather than pursuing another relationship.”

Open yourself up to others’ kindness

“Taking strength from their love and support makes you feel less alone,” says Rosie. “Yes, you have lost the love of your romantic partner, but you have the love of mothers, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends and neighbours. Because I was open about my heartbreak, friends left meals in the porch. Friends also had my kids for tea and sleepovers so I could meet with lawyers. We had plentiful invites for weekends away/holidays when, I imagine, I was about as much fun as a dry white wine hangover.”

Live in the now

“One major lesson I have learnt from all this is: Live in the now,” says Rosie. “It might go wrong tomorrow. You might lose your home, your kids might meet your ex’s girlfriend who might be the Amal Clooney lookalike. But what I wish I’d known then, is to just deal with what is happening right now. That’s it. Trouble comes, trouble goes, but don’t go looking for it.”


Rosie Green How to heal a broken heart

On February 14, what better way to celebrate love and friendship than with Rosie Green, author of How To Heal A Broken Heart. Rosie will be discussing the key themes of the book – including the healing power of midlife friendships – with MPowered Women’s co-founder Saska Graville. Find out what happened when Rosie’s husband walked out – and how she put her life back together again. Spoiler alert: She’s now feeling the best she’s felt for years.

Join Rosie and Saska for an IG Live on @mpowered_women on Sunday February 14 2021, 6-7pm. We look forward to seeing you on the night.

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