The Davina Menopause Sweatshirt You Need

Davina menopause
Designed by Davina McCall to celebrate her menopause documentary, this sweatshirt is a must-have for every cool midlifer. And we’ve got an exclusive discount code. Wear yours with pride.

It’s the sweatshirt that stopped a nation. To honour her documentary Sex, Myths And The Menopause, Davina McCall created her own menopause sweatshirt. It’s a Davina menopause tribute if ever we saw one – and we’ve got an exclusive discount code so that you can buy one too.

Designed by Davina herself, the sweatshirt was made by the team at Crudely Drawn. “I got in touch with them a few weeks ago with a sweatshirt idea AND THEY MADE IT FOR ME!!!,” says Davina. “AND you can get them on their site!”

The response from the MPowered community was clear the minute we put a photo of Davina in her menopause sweatshirt on our Instagram. Comments ranged from “I literally need that sweater. NEED!”, to “How do we get your sweatshirt, Davina” to “It’s a must uniform for us all”. 

Well, now we can all get one – even better, there’s an exclusive 15% discount when you use the code MPOWEREDWOMEN15 at checkout. 

Davina, Menopause And a Revolution

Davina’s brilliant sweatshirt and it’s spot-on messaging is all part of her wider goal to amplify the menopause conversation. Her Channel 4 documentary (9pm, May 12 and then available on All 4) sets out her mission. 

“I’m not going to be ashamed about a transition that half the population goes through,” says Davina in the show. “When I hit menopause I couldn’t talk to anyone. I felt so alone. But now I feel like we are part of a national conversation and our voices are getting louder.

“We’ve got to carry on talking. We’ve got to talk at work. We’ve got to talk at home, in bed, and we’ve really got to talk at the doctor’s surgery.”

And we’ve all got to wear one of these brilliant sweatshirts. 

So, Davina, menopause and a sweatshirt that tells it like it is. We’re in! The sweatshirt is £45, the teeshirt is £22 and there’s even an £13.50 mug. And you can have 15% off any of them – and anything else that takes your fancy on the website.

Ready, steady, shop!

To shop, go to and use the discount code MPOWEREDWOMEN15 at checkout. It’s valid until 6pm on Tuesday May 18 (UK time). 

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